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“How to Set Up a Business in Taiwan” A Workshop Series from FutureWard

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

We at All Hands are happy to share a series of workshops this month on how to set up a business in Taiwan by our partners at FutureWard. This series will provide integral information that foreign entrepreneurs will need to know in the process of starting their businesses in Taiwan.

Each event in the series addresses questions that FutureWard and All Hands often get approached with: ‘What are the visa options for foreigners?’ ‘What are the legal requirements of starting a business?’  ‘What is the deal with filing company and individual Tax?’

Attendees can expect precise answers that will clear up confusion and misinformation that too often surrounds these topics courtesy of professionals who work directly with each topic. The workshops will also offer a great chance to network with a community who have shared interests in building a thriving business in Taiwan.

Please register on ACCUPASS (links below) – event tickets are NT$150 each and NT$100 if you bring a friend. Find the relevant Facebook event pages for each workshop at the bottom of this article. Here is a summary of each of the events in the series.

Promotinoal Image for the first workshop in the series

Workshop 1: Visa options for Foreigners (April 9)

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The speaker for this event will be Jung Chang, Co-Founder of ProJoy Immigration.

These topics will be addressed in her presentation:

1.) Status of Foreign Professionals in Taiwan – Eligibilities – Application process (brief intro) – The employment Gold Card

2.) The Entrepreneur Visa – Main highlights of the Entrepreneur visa – Application process (brief intro) – Eligibilities

3.) Other Options – Investment schemes – Working holidays – Job seeking Visa

A brief bio:

Jung started her career as an expert in investor relations in the US. She then worked in Hong Kong for more than ten years, focusing on helping listing companies to bridge their valuation gaps in the capital market through effective communication. She founded Projoy in 2018 as she has seen growing interests from foreign communities to consider Taiwan as an ideal place for business, investment, and career development. She believes her expertise in capital markets and communication can better help her current clients to achieve their goals when leveraging their career mobility, thus marking significant changes in their lives.

Promotinoal image for the second workshop in this series

Workshop 2: Starting Your Business in Taiwan (April 16)

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The speaker of this event will be Sabine Lin, Partner at XiRi Law.

Sabine will address these topics in her Presentation:

  1. What type of company you should start: the different options

  2. The Process of setting up a company in Taiwan

  3. The legal documents required for setting up a company in Taiwan

A brief bio:

Sabine has extensive experience in advising on domestic and cross-border transactions (mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, private equity fund investment, etc.). She also regularly provides advice to Taiwan financial services companies, start-up companies and internet companies. She has abundant experience in structuring, negotiating, and implementing various transaction cases, attending to relevant transaction documents. She is a member of the Taipei Bar Association, and is fluent in Mandarin and English.

Promotional image for the third workshop in the series

Workshop 3: Taxation in Taiwan (April 23)

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The speaker for this event will be Tony Tsai, Partner at ChengDa Accountancy.

Tony will address the following topics in his presentation:

1.The Timeline of setting up a company in Taiwan

  1. Introduction to taxation and running a company in Taiwan

  2. Employee Social Insurance

  3. How to file personal income taxes

A brief bio:

Tony is an expert in Taiwan tax regulations. With extensive experience in dealing tax disputes with tax authorities, applying for tax refunds and tax treaties. Also, Tony has abundant experience in analysing complicated tax issues and communicating complicated issues with simple illustrations. His firm provides effective and efficient solutions in accounting, transactions and is experienced in organising company structures to minimize tax risk and using accounting information to inform important business decisions. In addition to corporate tax issues, Tony also assesses the tax implications of shareholders or investors and considers the overall tax burdens of these clients.

Facebook Event Pages:

This event coverage is brought to you courtesy of an agreement between All Hands Taiwan and FutureWard.

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