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Meet the Panelists for Be Your Own Boss (1/24)

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

Our very first event is in just two days – click here to register now – so let’s get to know the panelists (in order of their placement in the image above, L-R). If you missed our previous event and want to see what it was all about, you can see photos here or read all about it.

Paul Santone, originally from Canada, has been in Taiwan since 2003. He came to Taiwan expecting to stay for a year, but just found more and more reasons to stay. After several years of working for someone else, he decided to transition to self-employment. Consequently, he and his business partner took advantage of an opportunity in the local education industry and started Far West English Consulting in 2010.

Since then, they have been providing a variety of customized services to companies and individuals who want to branch out to English-speaking markets. Specifically, he offers corporate English training, skills and career advancement training, as well as copywriting and editing services. He agrees that one of the keys to building effective partnerships with his clients is genuinely contributing to their business objectives.

Far West English Website

Solene Cornilleau is the proprietor of a young urban gardening company (of sorts). Having spent years training as an artist in a formal school and university setting, she decided, about eight years ago, to discover the customs and cultures of foreign countries. This led her to travel and explore a number of countries finally settling in Taiwan.

Loving as much art as nature, she recently combined both into a personal project called Concrete Garden. Aware of actual environmental situations, she wanted to take up some of the challenges that her generation is facing by proposing a landscaping service in order to generate more gardens on different scales in urban environments.

Besides landscape design, installation, and consulting services specifically adapted to urban conditions, Solene also spends an important part of my time teaching gardening to children and adults in various contexts such as workshops and schools.

Concrete Garden Facebook // Instagram

Jun Lee is a multitalented entrepreneur and yoga practitioner. As a dancer from New York, Jun had never imagined herself opening four different brands of restaurant here in Taipei. She has co-owned and founded Toasteria, Cafe Cafe, Herban Kitchen and now, Urbn Culture.

The one thing that has always kept her entrepreneurial spirit up is her creativity in running her business. She has always aimed for the niche market and not so compelled to do what everyone is doing. Thus, she has managed to keep her business visible in the competitive F&B industry.

Having lived here for 18 years, Jun knows a thing or two about starting from scratch as an expat and thriving in grass-root community. It has taught her well in juggling roles between being a mother, a yoga teacher, and a restauranteur. Jun now lives in Taipei with her husband and her daughter.

URBN Culture Facebook

We hope to see you at Red Room on Thursday, 1/24!

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