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Meet the Panelists for Love Your Next Job (1/9)

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

Our very first event is in just two days – click here to register now – so let’s get to know the panelists (in order of their placement in the image above, L-R).

John Murn went traveling in 2007 with a plan to teach for a year in Asia and see how it went… and he’s lived in Asia for nine of the past 11 years. After teaching for two years in an international high school in Hsinchu, he hit the road again, landing in Thailand for a year followed by a few months in Malaysia. John’s professional career in Taiwan began in 2010 when he spent a year freelance writing. Since that highly formative year of freelancing, he has spent the past 7 or 8 years working in marketing, bouncing from Taipei to San Diego and back to Taipei. In late 2018, he founded All Hands and couldn’t be more excited for our first panel discussion.

Kathleen Batchelor has been living and working in Taipei since 2006. What started as a “one-year Taiwan plan” to teach English, quickly grew into 12 years and an array of professional and personal projects including heading ESL workshops in China, studying Chinese, and performing around the island. After receiving her APRC in 2013, she began to turn her hobby of dance into a part-time job. Over the past few years, Kathleen has transitioned to teaching dance fitness full-time. In addition to leading Zumba Fitness classes and being a certified AFAA Group Exercise Instructor, she has created her own Fit + Flaunt Burlesque Fitness program and registered her classes under her own LLC business. Kathleen works with individual clients, various gyms and dance studios, and at-large fitness events around Asia. She is looking forward to sharing more about her experiences carving out a less-traditional career path in Taiwan. For more information on Kathleen and her classes:


Jenna Robinette is a trained fashion stylist and fashion designer working in Taipei. She is the personal stylist to Taiwanese pop-singer Lara Liang and has worked as a stylist at Meimeiwawa Multimedia since 2016. In that time, she has styled and designed clothes for numerous music videos, large and small stage performances across Asia, award shows, TV appearances, photo shoots for magazines, and a feature-length visual album called 明日之星, or “Tomorrow’s Star.”

Before joining MMWW, she was resident costume designer for The LAB Space, an English-language theater in Beitou operated by Brook Hall. She helped develop the unique character looks for over a dozen stage productions, both designing and sourcing clothing items. She also provides one-on-one styling and wardrobe consultations.

Contact her at:

Alan McIvor has spent time in both China and Taiwan, arriving about ten years ago. After teaching for four years and working on his Chinese, he made the move into professional recruitment. Today, Alan headhunts mostly senior professionals in marketing and sales across a variety of industries here in Taiwan. Come and hear what he has to say not only about his own professional journey in Taiwan, but also his valuable insights as a recruiter.

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