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Where to Network in July – Meetups, Conferences, and More

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

Each month All Hands will share a post of events from around Taiwan. These events will span networking, professional learning, community gatherings, hiring, seminars, happy hours, and more. This will be a living list and is by no means comprehensive. If you know of a great event that should be included, please send us a message to let us know.

*Unless noted, most of these events are in English, but we have not attended all of these series before. You should look into the event if you have any language concerns.

7/1 Type-A Breakfast – Taipei’s earliest work-focused professional networking event kicks off another week with two hours of concentrated work, followed by a unique weekly 30-minute sharing session. (Free)

7/2 Binance Super Meetup – Binance CEO hosts this talk about the health of the cryptocurrency ecosystem and trends in the market. (Free)

7/2-3 Asia Blockchain Summit – Professionals from leading industry startups, investment firms, financial services giants, global brands, academic institutions, international media and policy groups will discuss the evolving real-world applications of blockchain technology. More than 100 speakers and 4,000 attendees. (SOLD OUT)

7/4 Bicentive Super Meetup – Interactive panel discussion among cryptocurrency hedge fund leaders, Binance, Alameda Research, LucyLabs, Amber AI and more. (Free)

7/4 Co-Work at Wild Mii Cafe – Hosted by Taipei Digital Nomads Meetup at Wildmii Safari Showroom and Cafe. *This is a semi-regular meetup, check their meetup page for full schedule. (NT$150)

7/5 Co-Work at DoubleR Studio – Hosted by Taipei Digital Nomads Meetup at DoubleR Studio. *This is a semi-regular meetup, check their meetup page for full schedule. (NT$210)

7/5 CCIFT Top Talent Recruiting – Recruiting event hosted by CCFIT (French Trade Office). Prepare your resume for face-to-face interview opportunities with your potential employers. (Free)

7/10 How I Landed a FB Internship & Got a Full-Time Offer – Another career sharing session hosted by Cake Resume. Event may be in Chinese. (NT$320 and up)

A meme highlighting the Nihoa's It Going and All Hands 7-11 Networking 7-11 Crawl

7/11 7/11 Networking 7-11 Crawl – Networking doesn’t have to be serious! Join All Hands and Nihao’s It Going? for a loose evening of meeting new people, casual strolls, canned beer, and all the tea eggs you can hold. (Free and easy)

7/11 Serverless Mobile Apps with Firebase and Google Cloud – Firebase helps developers to build serverless mobile apps easily. Doug Stevenson, Google Developer Advocate with Firebase, and Tyler Crowe, the Firebase Product Manager will be speaking at this GDG-hosted event. (Free? – May be sold out, check with organizer)

7/11 Minister/Ambassador Chien Rotary Luncheon – This Rotary Club luncheon is open to the public and will feature special guest, Former Taiwan Government Minister, Current Ambassador at large and Chairman of the Sustainability Institute Eugene Chien. The theme for the day will be “Empowering a Better Taiwan for Generations to Come”. (NT$800)

7/15 Type A Breakfast – Taipei’s earliest work-focused professional networking event kicks off another week with two hours of concentrated work, followed by a unique weekly 30-minute sharing session. (Free)

7/17 WordPress English/Japanese Meetup – This time will be an individual workshop style for participants to work on their projects (setting up a WordPress theme from scratch, customizing a blog theme, writing an article, contribute to a WordPress project, and etc..), ask questions, and share problems. There may be light talks occasionally. (Free?)

7/18 SparkLabs Taipei DemoDay 2 – DemoDay is not just an end but another new journey for startups. SparkLabs Taipei will bring you fascinating innovative services and products, showing amazing business results from our latest cohort. Join with over 200 investors and corporate executives for this exciting event. (Free – MUST RSVP)

7/18 AmCham Wine Tasting Night – Da Vinci Wine, in conjunction with the AmCham, is pleased to hold this mid-summer Wine Tasting at the Outing. Da Vinci Wine imports and specializes in fine wines from Northern California and Spain. The event will introduce five wines (two white, three red), and discuss wine culture in Northern California. There will also be a presentation about how to pair wine with traditional Taiwanese dishes. The staff can present in both English and Chinese. (AmCham Members NT$1,500; Non-members $2,000)

7/18 Using the Power of Inquiry to Spark Breakthrough Ideas – For entrepreneurs and creatives, innovation means trying to find and formulate new questions that can, over time, be answered. Those questions, once identified, often become the basis for starting a new venture. By practicing techniques like question-storming and divergent thinking, you’ll tap into the right side of your brain and perhaps discover a new path or idea to run with…and who knows where that will take you? (Hive Members NT$200; Non-members $250)

7/18 Growing Your Team: Employing People in Taiwan – During this workshop, experienced employment lawyers will walk you through key things to remember when hiring new team members, including work rules and contracts, IP issues (who owns the code?) and hiring foreign professionals. (Free?)

7/23 Office Hours with Xiri Law – Want to start a business, but don’t know how to register your company? Running into legal issues with your startup and don’t know what to do? Ask the experts at Xiri Attorneys during their open office hours at FutureWard (4 time slots available). (FutureWard Members are Free; $300 half day pass for Non-members)

Promotional image for the event. A colorful hand made by the words All Hands Taiwan.

7/25 Talk to the Hand – A community Discussion with All Hands – All Hands has had an amazing first six months, and now it’s time for us to slow down and listen to the community. Join us for this FREE event and share your wants, needs, questions, ideas, and frustrations. After a short update of what All Hands has coming up we’ll have an open-ended discussion with attendees, and networking to follow. (FREE)

7/25 Success Through Web Optimization – You finally have a website up, but what guarantees people will take notice and want to use it? Join this discussion of how web optimization can help you reach clients, improve your site experience, and assure that your service/product is one they won’t soon forget. Learn how to protect your investment through web optimization. (Hive members NT$200; Non-members $250)

7/26 MOX Happy Hour: Marketing & Designing for Faster Adoption – MOX is thrilled to welcome Zhenya Grinshteyn, whose passion is growing brands and developing award winning products. With over a decade of experience straddling the line between marketing and product design, Zhenya’s successes range from SaaS to snowboards with a focus on early to mid-stage startups. (Free w/ free beer!)

7/29 SEASAT Youth Camp – In collaboration with the American Institute in Taiwan, this 4-day camp for young adults aged 18-24, will expose participants to contemporary issues affecting the region, cultural and educational tours, thematic seminars, and a crash course on basic leadership. The camp also doubles as a networking platform to further connect SEASAT Youth. (Unclear)

7/31 Early Stage Startups: From Ideas to Fundraising – Are you an early stage startup in need of advice? Do you have ideas you want to run by an investor? Need help with fundraising? If you struggle with these questions, stop by our open office hours with Angel Investor Greg Hao for answers! (Only 4 slots available – FutureWard members Free; Non-members $300 Half-Day Pass)

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