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Where to Network in November – Meetups, Conferences, and More

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

Each month All Hands will share a post of events from around Taiwan. These events will span networking, professional learning, community gatherings, hiring, seminars, happy hours, and more. This will be a living list and is by no means comprehensive. If you know of a great event that should be included, please send us a message to let us know.

*Unless noted, most of these events are in English, but we have not attended all of these series before. You should look into the event if you have any language concerns.

11/2 Portugal- Connection to Taiwan – Speaker Tomás Ilhéu will share with you his country of Portugal and his experience in connecting Portugal with Taiwan. (Rotartians Free; Registered Guests NT$250; Door Price $350)

11/6 Connected Women Meetup – This global community for women entrepreneurs, freelancers and professionals will meet at Kafnu Taipei for a fun informal meetup and a chance to network with other Connected Women. (Free, including coffee and snacks)

11/7 2020 Global Investment Outlook – AB Senior Equity Investment Strategist David Wong and Citibank Portfolio Counselor Head Calvin Tseng will share their views at this AmCham Joint Committee Luncheon. They will analyse the latest global trends and investment opportunities as well as bring comprehensive perspectives on the global economic outlook. (AmCham Members NT$1,400; Non-Members $2,000)

11/7 Talent Development Workshop 2019: Intercultural Fluency – This workshop from the British Chamber of Commerce is designed to help build relationships and overcome differences in multicultural and global situations, as well as respond more flexibly to new and complex cultural contexts. After this workshop, you should feel comfortable and at ease in unfamiliar cultural settings. (British Chamber Members Free; Non-Members $1,000)

11/7 Shopify Taipei Meetup – Shopify and Akohub will host Shopify Meetup Taipei at WeWork Taipei. We are honored to invite Shopify Hong Kong & Taiwan Lead, Frankie Ng, to share information about Shopify’s plans for Asia and Taiwan. Also, we will discuss local payment/cross-border shipping solutions, e-commerce strategy in SEA market and Taiwan merchant experiences. (Free?)

11/9 Anchor Taiwan Innovation Sprint – Cultural Orientation – Anchor Taiwan presents this special cultural safari through Dadaocheng, the keystone of economic and cultural development of Taipei. Unlike an ordinary tour, this program is designed for business and tech professionals. It will equip you with distinctive perspectives and practical considerations while connecting with the exclusive Anchor Taiwan Community. (NT$3,950, including dinner)

11/11 Anchor Roundtable: Tech x Latin America – Latin America is recognized as one of the most competitive emerging markets around the world. 600 million population, a launchpad for North America, and more than $5.7B tech venture investments since 2012, it’s time to unveil the opportunities! This is a roundtable style discussion with limited seating. (TBD Dinner at Venue)

11/12 Taiwan Innovation Sprint – Startup Ecosystem Day – Roam the city like a true local pro via Metro, YouBike and bus to experience the very best of the Taiwan Tech Ecosystem. We strategically design the route to include the most important startup hubs, with fireside chats and speaker series to enhance your connections with and understanding of Taiwan. (Anchor Taiwan Private Event)

11/13 End of China’s Reform Era – Professor Carl Minzner argues that China’s economic cleavages have widened, ideological polarization has deepened, and China’s leaders are now progressively cannibalizing institutional norms and practices that have formed the bedrock of the regime’s stability since 1978. Professor Minzner will explain how China arrived at this dangerous turning point, and he will outline the potential outcomes. (AmCham Members NT$1,400; Non-Members $2,000)

11/13 iiiNNO Startup Pitch Night & Speed Match – Join this pitch and speed match event to learn more about fast moving startups and new investment opportunities. (Free with RSVP)

11/14 – 16 Meet Taipei Startup Festival – Powered by Business Next Media, the most influential tech media in Taiwan, in collaboration with the biggest startup community Meet Startup. Meet Taipei launched in 2014, demonstrating its diverse content design, resources and global power, becoming the largest, most disruptive and global startup festival in Taiwan. In addition to being a startup fest, this is a great place to hand out resumes! (Free)

11/15 SingularityU APAC Global Impact Challenge Finale – Do you have a big social changing plan and a brilliant AI solution? Sign up for SingularityU APAC Global Impact Challenge (SU APAC GIC), where Taiwan Tech Arena & Singularity University can support your great vision! (Free?)

11/16 – 17 Ten Years of Red Room – This cornerstone of the Taipei art community celebrates its 10 year anniversary the way we’ve all spent so many days and nights there – full of art, music, and community building. Show up and show your support because the next time you go to Red Room, it might be in a different venue. (By Donation?)

11/19 Digital Transformation: Inspirations from Domino’s – Paul Sheh (Anchor Winter 2019), who oversaw Domino’s IT Operations in 8 Latin American markets, shares his insights. Paul provided advice and support to pizza franchisees in Latin America on their technology needs, including point of sale, e-commerce, hardware, networking, and information security. In addition to the quick serve restaurant (QSR) industry, Paul also has tremendous experience in global supply chain, particularly automotive and semiconductor, including SanDisk, Delphi and many more.

Promotional image for All Hands' 11/20 event on foreign entrepreneurship

11/20 All Hands – Be a Foreign Entrepreneur – Navigating entrepreneurship in Taiwan can be a confusing endeavor. Getting a visa, having a great accountant, finding investment and other topics are relevant concerns for foreign entrepreneurs. This event will bring together a visa expert and three business owners at varying stages of company maturity to discuss the ins and outs of business ownership as a foreigner. In addition to covering a variety of the practical bits about entrepreneur visa eligibility, we’ll tap into related experiences to reveal a more complete picture of the entrepreneurial life here in Taiwan.

11/21 Beaujolais Nouveau Celebration – This signature CCIFT event has gathered over 650 guests for the past decade from all business communities in Taipei. Once again, this year, CCIFT will be delighted to share a night of wine and networking. (CCIFT Members NT$1,500, Non-Members $1,900)

11/21 Women in Tech – Optimizing New Opportunities – Sharon Wu, Senior Director of Product Management at Dell TDC and Gina Shaw, Director of Fab16 Facilities at Micron Technology share their insights regarding professional development, and recent tech and business trends. The panel and Q&A will be moderated by Carmen Law, HR Director for Google Taiwan. (AmCham Members NT$1,200, Non-Members $1,500)

11/27 Panel Discussion: Managing Career Pivots & Life Transitions – Are you going through (or thinking about making) a career transition or a big life change? Wondering how to best navigate uncertainty, or want to meet others who may be going through a similar experience as you? An intimate panel discussion with 3 amazing professional women who have all successfully managed big, personal and professional shifts in their lives.

11/27 Strategic Alliance and Seamless Execution from Product Development to Commercialization – In the current economic climate and globalization landscape, with constraints of funding resources and active M&A, what’s the best strategy for optimal product exit? In this talk, the speaker will provide an overview of 2019 biomedical market trends, and share her experience and insight for strategic alliance and seamless execution from product development to commercialization. (USD$105)

11/28 Global Corporate Sustainability Forum (GCSF) 全球企業永續發展論壇 – This 2-day forum gathers experts and professionals from industry, governments, academia, and research institutes to discuss sustainability. Topics will include corporate responsibilty, sustainable technology, environmental protection, and more. Sustainability awards will be presented to outstanding companies during the forum. (USD$105)

11/29 4 A’s to Audience Engagement: Impactful Speaking Tools for Leaders – In this three hour seminar, you’ll learn the tools needed to be perceived as a leader and an expert in your field, inspire audiences to take the actions you desire, motivate colleagues and employees to fulfill your vision, create buy-in, opening up a new direction for your company. (AmCham Members NT$1,900, Non-Members $2,500)

11/29 Young Professionals Workshop – In this 2-hour workshop at The Executive Centre, we’ll guide you through the concept of VINOType in a fun and relaxing way. Pairing authentic wine tasting, we welcome you to discover your ideal wine! You never know when this knowledge will come in handy in your professional life. (British Chamber Members NT$500, Non-Members $650)

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