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Where to Network in Taiwan in April – Conferences, Meetups, and More

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

Each month All Hands will share a post of events from around Taiwan. These events will span networking, professional learning, community gatherings, hiring, seminars, happy hours, and more. This will be a living list and is by no means comprehensive. If you know of a great event that should be included, please send us a message to let us know.

*Unless noted, most of these events are in English, but we have not attended all of these series before. You should look into the event if you have any language concerns.

4/1 – Meet The AnchorsOn the 1st Friday of every month, Anchor Taiwan invites entrepreneurs, mentors, investors and newcomers to join us for some coffee or tea! There’s no set agenda, but the event usually kicks off with a round circle introduction. Intentionally kept small, this is a rare regular gathering for local and international talent to meaningfully connect. This series is always full with a waitlist. Please only RSVP if you can attend and let us know if your plan changes. (Free)

4/1 – 語言玩轉之夜 A NIGHT ABROAD: 跨越國際邊界 CROSSING BORDERS In collaboration with Red Room Rendezvous, “A Night Abroad” by Tuteemi and Culpass will now be hosted every month! Don’t miss out on the opportunity for locals and foreigners to have the chance to connect, play board games together, and socialize. (Please purchase at least NT $200 worth of food and drink at the venue. Pre-registration is required)

4/1 – Pub Sweeping Night – Taiwan Impact Entrepreneurs is holding its very first pub crawl on the first night of this Tomb Sweeping long weekend at 啜飲室大安 – Taihu Craft Beer Tasting Room, and from there make your way through the bustling pubs in the area. (Free to attend, buy your own beer)

4/2 – Ho Ming-sho《Challenging Beijing’s Mandate of Heaven》 Come attend New Bloom‘s book discussion about Challenging Beijing’s Mandate of Heaven: Taiwan’s Sunflower Movement and Hong Kong’s Umbrella Movement. This is the first book-length academic monograph on the Sunflower Movement in English and compares the Sunflower and Umbrella Movements. The event will primarily be conducted in English. (Free)

4/4 – Coffee and Code A fun and helpful get-together where people sit down, drink coffee, and code. It’s a great opportunity to ask questions, share ongoing projects, help each other out, and meet other awesome coders. All levels are welcome! (Free)

4/6 – Amnesty Games: Borderlines Board Game Come play Borderlines with Amnesty International. Borderlines is a game about the plight of Syrian refugees. It’s designed to be an innovative way to put yourself in the shoes of a refugee to help learn about the difficulties and dangers they face. (Free)

4/6 – Elevate Co-working Hours Got some projects sitting unfinished on your list? Reports you haven’t filed? Hate working alone? Then join the 我們 Elevate Taiwan Co-Working hours! It will be your new home base to work with a curated group of other talented builders, hackers, engineers. A place to find solutions, inspiration and to help you thrive during your time in Taipei. (Free)

4/6 – Stocks and Dinner Do you want to live a non-traditional lifestyle and build up an extra income without having to work more hours? Join the chamber for a series of after-work introductory talks on personal finance, investing and valuing publicly traded companies. Swedish Chamber member and Do-It-Yourself Investor Johan Skarendal will be the speaker. Regardless if you’re a beginner, have been investing for a while or thinking about it but don’t know where to start, discussing investments with others and getting a few tips can get you a long way. (NT $500)

4/8 – Leading into the Future of WorkWhat is the future of work? Whatever you thought it was going to be in 2020, chances are, you were wrong. What started out as “Pandemic Pivots” are now becoming effective strategies that create new expectations. Register for this multi-hour workshop hosted by the British Chamber of Commerce and get exposed to global trends and practices. (NT $1,500 – NT $2,000)

4/8 – TIE Power Talk with Andrew Klerck Come and join Andrew Klerck of Taipei Impact Entrepreneurs for a power talk on what holds people back from creating their own success. (NT $150)

4/8 – Generating 153k in the first year on eCommerce – from Amazon to Shopify Join Marco J. Grishaber for a presentation on a holistic marketing approach for scaling e-commerce brands. Marco will share how to optimize landing pages, pick the right email marketing flow for your brand, and run paid ads for growth. If you’re into E-Commerce, don’t miss out! (Hive members: NT $100, Non-members: NT $150 – Includes a drink)

4/11 – Asia Rainbow Ride and MOWES SocialThe ASIA Rainbow Ride is a community of cyclists who believe that everyone in Asia should have the freedom to love. This bike ride is co-hosted by MOWES, a community space focused on women’s empowerment, community, and support. Bring your bike or rent a YouBike for the afternoon to ride together and then enjoy some time over food and drinks. The distance is 22 km, which is about 1.5 – 2 hours of relaxed cycling. (Free)

4/14 – SoGal LunchclubStarting a business is difficult enough. Feeling like you are alone and the only one facing challenges? Why not get together with other diverse founders on a monthly basis for lunch? To reserve a seat, please RSVP via email. (Free)

4/14 – Scaling Your Venture & Fundraising Are you facing issues scaling your venture locally or in other markets? Are you running into challenges finding and/or talking to investors locally or internationally? If you struggle with these questions, stop by open office hours with venture builder and financial advisor Harvey Ma for some answers. Office hours are free for FutureWard members. (Free for members, non-members can purchase a half day pass for NT$300 to attend and enjoy the facilities.)

4/14 – Live Here, Work There In the days of COVID, remote work has never been a hotter topic, and with Taiwan a safe haven, more people than ever are basing themselves here and working elsewhere. Join All Hands Taiwan as we talk to some remote professionals about their routines, how remote-friendly Taiwan is, and whether this style of work is as rosy and romantic as many seem to be convinced that it is. As always, Tacos Luca will be serving up delicious homemade tacos! (NT $300, includes one complimentary beer, wine, or soda)

4/14 – Underrepresented Genders in Tech Want to chat with like-minded people in IT, in a relaxed environment? MOWES is hosting a regular gathering for people from underrepresented genders in IT – women, nonbinary, all trans, genderqueer, etc. Whether you’ve been in IT for years or are just starting out, whether you’re a professional, hobbyist, or learner, and no matter what area of IT you work with, feel free to join! The event host, Heather, is a programmer who aims to foster a safe, welcoming environment for people to chat and learn about IT. Beginners are especially welcome! (Suggested donation amount: NT $200)

4/15 – Early Stage Startups: From Ideas to Fundraising Are you an early stage startup in need of some advice? Do you have some ideas that you want to run by an investor? Need help with fundraising? If you struggle with these questions, stop by office hours with Angel Investor Greg Hao for some answers! (Office hours are free for all FutureWard members. Non-members can purchase a half day pass for 300NT to attend and enjoy the facilities.)

4/15 – 𝟐𝟎𝟐𝟏 𝐀𝐥𝐥-𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐦𝐛𝐞𝐫 𝐒𝐩𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐇𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐲 𝐇𝐨𝐮𝐫 Hosted this year by EBAT European Business Association in Taiwan, at Shangri-La’s rooftop swimming pool, this annual mixer is well-attended and a great opportunity to network and connect with the Taipei Chamber community. We warmly invite you to join us for a poolside buffet spread accompanied by a wide selection of drinks, as we soak in gorgeous views of the Taipei cityscape at night! (NT$1,100 for Members and pre-registered guests, NT$1,300 for walk-ins)

4/15 – TIE Social Networking Event w/ Petrina Lin This is a social network event as a part of the Taipei Impact Entrepreneurs group’s weekly events. Come join us to meet new friends, share ideas or talk about your business idea. This three hour event will feature 20 minutes with guest speaker Petrina Lin, who will talk about ‘Breaking out of your comfort zone and overcoming fear’. Petrina is a mindset coach who helps service-based female entrepreneurs overcome their own limiting beliefs. (NT $150)

4/19 – Women’s Circle: Relationship Real Talk 女子的圏圏: 關係實話 What does a healthy relationship look like? Do you seek balance but keep getting back into the same cycles or patterns? Do you want to have honest conversations about your relationship and connect with others? Come to MOWES, and together, we are going to talk about attachment styles, relationship goals, love languages, and different ways of letting go of what we can’t control. With love and support from our sisters, we’ll laugh, cry, share, and grow. This event is for women only. (Free)

4/21 – Snowball: Change the world with your buying power Have you been following the international Xinjiang cotton dispute? Global brands are facing Chinese pressure following their announcements to discontinue use of cotton produced in Xinjiang, China. Come join Snowball to learn more about the events surrounding the alleged use of Uyghur forced labor in Xinjiang, the responsibilities of consumers in a society when it comes to forced labor goods, and about how society can steer consumers’ buying power to make meaningful, impactful change. This event will be held partially in English and partially in Mandarin Chinese. (Free)

4/22 – TIE Social Networking Event w/ Dory Chung – This is a social network event as a part of the Taipei Impact Entrepreneurs group’s weekly events. Come join us to meet new friends, share ideas or talk about your business idea. This event will feature guest speaker Dory of Hiking in Taiwan discussing (you guessed it) hiking in Taiwan. (NT $150)

4/23 – Figma for beginners Learn the graphic design tool popular among startups and tech companies. With this tool, you will be able to design interfaces for laptops, tablets and mobile apps as well as event posters/flyers, logos, business cards, icons, and more. This interactive in-person workshop hosted by Taiwan Code Camp is suitable for beginners from any professional background including marketers, project managers and founders. (Free)

4/24 – Explore Matcha Mountain with Parkbus: Direct / Return Transportation from Taipei Make new friends on the bus and on the trial as you make your way to Matcha Mountain in Yilan on Parkbus‘ chartered bus. Once you arrive, those who make it to the top can take in the wavy and tranquil views of Mt. Sanjiaolun (三角崙山) as well as the beautiful Lanyang Plains (蘭陽平原) and even the Pacific Ocean in the distance on a clear day. ( NT $ 700. Pre-registration required.)

4/24 – Kickstart Your Eco Life In Taiwan – Art of Kua III In support of this year’s global Earth Day theme – Restore Our Earth – Red Room will host the all-day event “Kickstart Your Eco Life in Taiwan” at Red Room Rendezvous. Join for a full day of activities for people of all ages. Beginning at noon, Taipei Filmmaker Nights will host a two-hour program of impactful short films, including director’s introductions and Q&A. The afternoon and eveing will feature an arts & craft market, three simultaneous workshops, and an Art of Kua panel discussion. Panelists will include experts in eco housing, permaculture, zero-waste living, sustainability practices, and renewable energy. (Free)

4/24 – 4/25 – 6-Hour UI & UX Design Crash Course Whether you are interested in the field of product design or are just curious how design-thinking can enhance your own decision making skills for your business – this introductory course is for you! This course, hosted by Taiwan Code Camp, will guide you through hands-on UX skills that you can immediately apply to your own respective fields. This course welcomes design newcomers, engineers, product managers, marketers, tech enthusiasts, and anyone looking to gain a base understanding of the professional practice of UX and UI design. (NT $2,500 – NT $2,900)

4/25 – Fulong Beach CleanupCome join TAO and FitFam for another beach cleanup event! Working on local projects like beach cleanups helps friends, family, colleagues, and local government promote environmental awareness and is a great way to bond with others in your community over a common goal. After the event, we will hangout at the beach, grab some food, talk about what we learned and maybe go for a swim. Materials will be provided for participants including gloves, bags, and tongs. (Free)

4/25 – Happy Frugality Forum Join journalists and urban planners as they discuss the “Happy Frugality” manifesto. The “Happy Frugality” manifesto discusses frugality in energy use, frugality in building materials, frugality in technology, frugality in architecture, and caring for local residents and culture. This event, hosted by  European Innovation CoCreation, will be held partially in English and partially in Chinese. (NT $300 pre-paid, NT $350 at the door)

4/29 – Global Taipei Dialogue IX: Environmental Governance and Soft Power | 第九届全球台北論壇:環境治理與軟實力 During the GTD IX, NextGen Foundation will seek to engage in a critical discussion on the nexus of environmental governance and climate crisis. In recent years, the government of Taiwan has sought to strengthen environmental governance. The authorities have promoted the development of green industries; green energy constitutes one of the pillars of the 5+2 Innovative Industries Plan, a core economic policy of President Tsai Ing-wen’s administration. At the same time, the country continues to struggle with severe environmental problems. Dangerous levels of air pollution, an ongoing drought, and structural challenges to energy transformation are just some of the issues which have recently negatively impacted Taiwan. (Free)

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