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Where to Network in Taiwan in May – Conferences, Meetups, and More

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

Each month All Hands will share a post of events from around Taiwan. These events will span networking, professional learning, community gatherings, hiring, seminars, happy hours, and more. This will be a living list and is by no means comprehensive. If you know of a great event that should be included, please send us a message to let us know.

*Unless noted, most of these events are in English, but we have not attended all of these series before. You should look into the event if you have any language concerns.

5/1 – Brand Identity Workshop Many new companies lack a clear vision about why their product or service is essential. Existing companies commonly lose their focus over time and need to revisit their core values, positioning, and ambitions. This workshop by All Hands Taiwan is useful for leaders and companies in each of these situations. (NT $2000)

5/2 – Taiwan Impact Entrepreneurs Sunday Picnic Join Taipei Impact Entrepreneurs for a fun Sunday picnic in Daan Park, Taipei City. Bring your food, snacks, and drinks, and enjoy the afternoon together with family and friends. (Free)

5/2 – Code and Coffee Come sit down, drink coffee, and code! It’s a great opportunity to ask questions, share ongoing projects, help each other out, and meet other awesome coders. All levels are welcome. Come out and work, help, or just hang out! (Free)

5/4 – COVID-19 in 2021: Vaccines and the Future of Travel Come get real with Community Convos about COVID-19, talk about the fact behind the vaccines, the future of travel, and how this affects us in Taiwan. Join the Convo and share with your friends! (Free, but please buy something to eat or drink to support the venue)

5/5 – Love Your Workplace There are many ways to build a workplace that inspires productivity, collaboration, and community mindsets. Sadly, there seem to be so many ways to erode those great workplace qualities. Join All Hands Taiwan for a discussion that will focus on the positives. This panel will join Taiwanese and foreign professionals to talk about how and why they enjoy the companies they work at , and tips for moving your company in the right direction. As always, Tacos Luca will be serving up delicious homemade tacos! (NT $300)

5/5 – A Decade of the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster – Reflections on Global Nuclear Energy While Japan is still struggling with the problem of the aftermath of radiation pollution, Taiwan’s nuclear fourth may be restarted in August. Is nuclear power the best option or is it already uncompetitive, outdated technology? With the climate crisis becoming more and more severe, will nuclear power help slow down the warming, or will it worsen the crisis? Note: While the event page is in Chinese, the event will be conducted mostly in English. (Free, but please register beforehand)

5/7 – Meet The AnchorsOn the 1st Friday of every month, Anchor Taiwan invites entrepreneurs, mentors, investors and newcomers to join for coffee or tea! There’s no set agenda, but the event usually kicks off with a round circle introduction. Intentionally kept small, this is a rare regular gathering for local and international talent to meaningfully connect. This series is always full with a waitlist. Please only RSVP if you can attend. (Free)

5/8 – ANZCham Summer Cruise Party Join the ANZCham Summer Cruise Party and enjoy: free flow of wine and beer from Estrella Damm, an excellent gourmet buffet and BBQ, a live DJ, and more! (Members and early bird pricing $2800, Standard Tickets purchased after April 8 $3000)

5/9 – Asia Rainbow RideThe ASIA Rainbow Ride is a community of cyclists who believe that everyone in Asia should have the freedom to love. This bike ride is co-hosted by MOWES, a community space focused on women’s empowerment, community, and support. Bring your bike or rent a YouBike for the afternoon to ride together and then enjoy some time over food and drinks. The distance is 20 km, which is about 1.5 – 2 hours of relaxed cycling. (Free)

5/11 – Women’s Language Exchange This Language Exchange is for women only. A safe, non-judgmental, and flirting free environment. Come practice your Mandarin or English with native speakers. Do you want to be able to order food, talk about cultural differences, or learn slang? This is the space for you! Tea will be provided and you are welcome to bring your own food and snacks. (NT $200)

5/12 – SoGal LunchclubStarting a business is difficult enough. Feeling like you are alone and the only one facing challenges? Why not get together with other diverse founders on a monthly basis for lunch? To reserve a seat, please RSVP via email. (Free)

5/12 – Scaling Your Venture & Fundraising Are you facing issues scaling your venture locally or in other markets? Are you running into challenges finding and/or talking to investors locally or internationally? If you struggle with these questions, stop by open office hours with venture builder and financial advisor Harvey Ma for some answers. Office hours are free for FutureWard members. (Free for members, non-members can purchase a half day pass for NT$300 to attend and enjoy the facilities.)

5/13 – Talent Development Workshop: Workplace Communication Influence is often seen as something that only skilled leaders do well, or a technique that takes years of study and practice. In this short interactive workshop, BritCham Taipei will debunk these myths, and help you explore and develop your ‘influential edge’ regardless of your role, position, preferred communication style(s), and medium. (Free for members, NT $1000 for non-members.)

5/14 – Future Commerce Expo The Future Commerce Expo aims to provide businesses with solutions and resources for transformation. Come learn about the future of commerce, management, and business. Much of the content will be in Chinese. (Free)

5/15 – Brand Discovery Workshop This workshop organized by All Hands Taiwan will help you understand how to build a full-fledged brand. Its workshop is designed to help you understand how to define, find and clearly communicate with your target audience. As companies, marketers, and service providers, we often believe we inherently know who our target audience(s) is, what our brand “should” sound and look like. However, the real life application of our brand across multiple touchpoints often results in a fraying or diluting of our brand messaging. This workshop will help companies and leaders stay the course and stay on-brand. (NT $2000)

5/16 – Tamsui Foreign Cemetery Clean-Up The Canadian Chamber is once again rolling up its sleeves and getting to work! There are more than 70 graves in the cemetery, many of which belong to Canadians. There will be drinks, snacks, and a simple barbecue set up, so no one will go hungry. Work gloves will also be supplied. Feel free to bring the whole family; there’s usually lots of kids that come to these clean-ups. Come and experience a really wonderful historical site, and a bit of history that we share with Taiwan. (Free)

5/19 – Sketch Club 素描俱樂部Has it been years since you’ve opened a sketchbook? Have you always wanted to draw, but been too scared to try? Come to MOWES and build your drawing practice in a friendly, supportive environment. Chat, sketch, and de-stress! Please bring your own sketching materials. (Free)

5/20 – It’s the Beer Talking Did you know that many of Taiwan’s best-known microbreweries and importers are foreign-owned? Come join All Hands Taiwan as we sit down with a handful of these brewers and talk about their experiences, ranging from the legalities involved in selling alcohol, bar ownership, homebrewing, and more. We’ll be selling beers from each of our panelist’s breweries, so come give them a try! (NT $300)

5/20 – Early Stage Startups: From Ideas to Fundraising Are you an early stage startup in need of some advice? Do you have some ideas that you want to run by an investor? Need help with fundraising? If you struggle with these questions, stop by office hours with Angel Investor Greg Hao for some answers! (Office hours are free for all FutureWard members. Non-members can purchase a half day pass for 300NT to attend and enjoy the facilities.)

5/23 – Taiwan National Clean Up Day @ Fulong Come clean up Fulong beach together with All Hands Taiwan. Gloves, tongs, and trash bags will be provided. Bring some cold drinks, some sunscreen, and a care-free attitude! After the cleanup we’ll head over to Scubar for some drinks and Nigel’s homemade ice cream. (Free)

5/23 – Taiwan National Clean Up Day @ Dulan If you’re down south for the weekend, then clean up Dulan beach with All Hands Taiwan. Gloves, tongs, and trash bags will be provided. Bring some cold drinks, some sunscreen, and a care-free attitude! (Free)

5/23 – Taiwan Creators Club Happy Hour Taiwan Creators Club is a place for all creators of any kind to meet up and get to know each other. No matter whether you’re into videos, blogs, art, music, dance, graphic design or even memes, let’s get together and build a community to help all creators do bigger, better things in Taiwan. (Free, but please order something to eat or drink to support the venue)

5/29 – Job-Matching Program: MOFA+TAITRA+104 – TUTEEMI invites you to this event co-hosted and organized by the Minister Of Foreign Affairs, TAITRA, MOE, 104, and the Importers and Exporters Association of Taipei. Limited spots available, registration is required via this link before April 30th. (Free)

5/29 – Anchor Roundtable: Corporate Venturing With Taiwan being so small, Anchor Taiwan and DIGITIMES want to get investors and entrepreneurs together to form Taiwan’s dream teams. Corporate investors only. Limited spots open for application (priority will be given to CVC professionals). This event will be conducted mainly in Mandarin. (Price unknown)

5/29 – Dongyanshan National Forest to Manyueyuan National Forest Make new friends on the bus and on the trail: Join Parkbus Taiwan for an amazing day out hiking the 12km Dongmen Trail from Dongyanshan National Forest to Manyueyuan National Forest. ( NT $ 700. Pre-registration required.)

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