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Where to Network in Taiwan in May – Conferences, Meetups, and More

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

Each month All Hands will share a post of events from around Taiwan. These events will span networking, professional learning, community gatherings, hiring, seminars, happy hours, and more. This will be a living list and is by no means comprehensive. If you know of a great event that should be included, please send us a message to let us know.

*Unless noted, most of these events are in English, but we have not attended all of these series before. You should look into the event if you have any language concerns.

5/1 – Brand Identity Workshop Many new companies lack a clear vision about why their product or service is essential. Existing companies commonly lose their focus over time and need to revisit their core values, positioning, and ambitions. This workshop by All Hands Taiwan is useful for leaders and companies in each of these situations. (NT $2000)

5/2 – Taiwan Impact Entrepreneurs Sunday Picnic Join Taipei Impact Entrepreneurs for a fun Sunday picnic in Daan Park, Taipei City. Bring your food, snacks, and drinks, and enjoy the afternoon together with family and friends. (Free)

5/2 – Code and Coffee Come sit down, drink coffee, and code! It’s a great opportunity to ask questions, share ongoing projects, help each other out, and meet other awesome coders. All levels are welcome. Come out and work, help, or just hang out! (Free)

5/4 – COVID-19 in 2021: Vaccines and the Future of Travel Come get real with Community Convos about COVID-19, talk about the fact behind the vaccines, the future of travel, and how this affects us in Taiwan. Join the Convo and share with your friends! (Free, but please buy something to eat or drink to support the venue)

5/5 – Love Your Workplace There are many ways to build a workplace that inspires productivity, collaboration, and community mindsets. Sadly, there seem to be so many ways to erode those great workplace qualities. Join All Hands Taiwan for a discussion that will focus on the positives. This panel will join Taiwanese and foreign professionals to talk about how and why they enjoy the companies they work at , and tips for moving your company in the right direction. As always, Tacos Luca will be serving up delicious homemade tacos! (NT $300)