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Where to Network in April – Meetups, Conferences, and More

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

Each month All Hands will share a post of events from around Taiwan. These events will span networking, professional learning, community gatherings, hiring, seminars, happy hours, and more. This will be a living list and is by no means comprehensive. If you know of a great event that should be included, please send us a message to let us know.

*Unless noted, most of these events are in English, but we have not attended all of these series before. You should look into the event if you have any language concerns.

4/2 – Echelon Roadshow Taipei 2019 – Join the best and brightest of Taiwan’s tech ecosystem at the Echelon Roadshow for an afternoon of sharing insights and making connections (exactly like a mini-Echelon). The speakers are founders themselves, who will not only tell their startup story, but dispense advice and tips to help you out on your own entrepreneurial journey. (Free)

4/2 – Megatrends Shaping the World of Work – *Sold Out* Alain Dehaze, CEO of Adecco Group, a global leader in HR and a Fortune 500 company, to share on employability and the talent imperative, to examine the role of companies and public institutions in building new workforce skills, and the main drivers of the labor market. (*Sold Out* Amcham Members NT$1,400; Non-members $2,000)

4/2 – Revamp Your Meetings with Design Sprint – Frankish Consulting will share how the Design Sprint has allowed them to differentiate from other development shops by replacing long-winded, often useless discussion with tangible, repeatable techniques towards solving problems. Join to experience a condensed version of the Design Sprint. (Hive Members NT$200; Non-members $250)

4/4 – Taiwan Entrepreneurs Club Networking Mixer – More than just exchanging business cards and contacts, we hope to bring you a relaxing atmosphere to drink, share what you do, and learn from others. (Free with drink purchase)

4/9 – Workshop: Foreign Professionals in Taiwan & the Entrepreneur Visa – An immigration consultant will share information for a wide array of professsional, job seeking, and entrepreneur visa options. (NT$150; $100 if you bring a friend)

4/10 – Soapbox Sessions at the Hive – Have you got something to say? Do you have a new idea you want to share? A new start-up/app idea? Soapbox Sessions gives you the chance to show off what you do best, with an ice-cold drink as a reward after. Not only is it a good way to share your ideas, but it’s also a great way to network. (Free)

4/11 – Setting Up: Company Formation in Taiwan and Offshore – This workshop will provide an introduction to setting up a business in Taiwan and key offshore jurisdictions. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each, and what this decision can mean for company growth and investment/acquisition prospects. (Free?)

4/11 – Your Next Step to Startup in Taiwan at NCCU – In this IMBA Career Seminar event, CPA firm and a selection of startups will present on the topic of getting your startup off the ground in Taiwan. (Free)

4/11 Taipei Digital Nomads Cowork at Wildmii Safari – Join other location-independet professionals to work, network, and work some more at this occasional meetup. (NT$150 entry)

4/12 – Five Competencies Your Team Members Need to Create Value – Based on research from the World Economic Forum, US Department of Labor, McKinsey Global Institute, and his own observations as a coach for key talents in leading multinationals, the speaker has identified these competencies. During the luncheon, he will explain what these competencies are, why they are essential, and what managers can do to help develop them. (Amcham Members NT$1,400; Non-members $2,000)

4/12 – Women in Business Networking with BCCT – Connections is a women only networking event in a relaxed setting. For the April Connections, we have invited Q3Global to give a short workshop and discussion focusing on the issue of balancing work and personal life. (Members NT$1,000; Non-members $1,300)

4/15 Taipei Digital Nomads Cowork at Star Rocket – Join other location-independet professionals to work, network, and work some more at this bi-monthly meetup. (Free with cafe purchase)

4/16 Workshop: Starting Your Business in Taiwan – This workshop is the second in Futureward’s “How to Set Up a Business in Taiwan” series. On the agenda: which type of company you may and should choose, introduction on the process of setting up a company, introduction of the legal documentation. (NT$150; $100 if you bring a friend)

4/16 Rock the Mic with TSS – Let your startup shine at some of the most exciting conferences for innovation and technology. TSS is showcasing the brightest teams from Taiwan to the world. This event is a pitch for a chance to join TSS on their trips to Collision, Tech Sauce Global Summit, and Rise. (Free with Registration)

4/16 Connect to Opportunity – a Seminar by LinkedIn and AmCham – What kind of insights, data and trend information do corporate leaders need to develop and deploy talent strategy in Taiwan and the rest of the Asia-Pacific region? That question will be answered by Jeff Wong, head of sales in North Asia for LinkedIn. Wong will also discuss how successful companies expand their businesses, build networks, and discover opportunities. (NT$950)

4/17 Micro-Presentations Workshop with David Hawco – A workshop for those wishing to improve their presentation skills, non-native English speakers welcome. (NT$500-900)

4/18-20 Term Sheet Bootcamp: Fundraising Power Up – Term Sheet Bootcamp is a 3-day bootcamp dedicated to providing startups an in-depth understanding of term sheets and negotiation strategies, bridging investors, leading entrepreneurs, and startup founders, and building stronger connections among players in the local startup ecosystem. *This event will be mostly Chinese with some English sessions.* (Startups NT$9,000; Corporate $10,000)

4/20 Taichung Amcham Happy Hour – This special, extended Happy Hour will take place on a brand-new hotel rooftop poolside location with beautiful evening views of Taichung and include a BBQ and all-you-can-drink deal, plus a karaoke contest for hotel prizes. (NT$800 includes beer, wine, food; $500 for food and NA drinks)

4/23 Workshop: Tax Regulation for Startups – An expert in local tax practice will share on the following topics: timeline of setting up a company, introduction to taxation and running a company, social insurance requirements for hiring an employee, filing personal income taxes. (NT$150; $100 if you bring a friend)

4/24-27 – Global Consortium for Tech Corporates and DLT – DLT101 is bringing together the leading lawmakers, regulators, corporates, and DLT companies for 4 days of discussions, pitch sessions, and events in Taipei. Join for fireside chats, discussions, and VIP dinners with top funds, executives, and legislators involved in the DLT space to see how this paradigm shift will occur. (USD?$49-499)

4/24 – How to Build High-Performance Habits – In this discussion, we’ll talk about the brain science and structure behind habit-formation, why it’s so hard to start and keep new habits, and other insights from Charles Duhigg’s The Power of Habit, James Clear’s Atomic Habits, and S.J. Scott’s Habit-Stacking. You’ll get tips, tools, and techniques for hacking your own habit-building process. (Hive Members NT$200; Non-members $250)

4/25 – Lean Startup Drinks and Discussion – How have you been practicing Lean Startup principles lately? Where are you in the Build /Measure/Learn cycle? What do you want to do next and how? If you don’t have amazing answers, it’s no problem as long as you make an effort. Entrepreneurs help other entrepreneurs. We all want to learn and grow. (Free with cafe purchase)

4/25 – Tricky Talks – Hosts Kathy Cheng and Chris Horton are exited to announce Angela Chang, President of TAIPEI 101, as the special guest for this edition of Tricky Talks. In addition to a plethora of professional accomplishments and accolades, Angela is co-founder and executive director of Taiwan Circular Economy Network, an organization advocating and promoting resource efficiency, she serves on the board of PWR Foundation, a leading NGO on community and women, and was appointed committee member at the National Council for Sustainable Development. (Early bird tickets NT$700; When Earlies Sell Out $950 – includes food and drink)

4/25-26 – World Blockchain Summit 世界區塊鏈高峰會– Blockchain Research Center is connecting New Taipei City Government and Trescon for  the World Blockchain Summit, featuring John McAfee, Tim Draper, Roger Ver, and Jason Hsu sharing insights on blockchain development, use cases, and application. To know more about the event and witness other key industry leaders speak, please approach our strategy partners. (?)

4/26 MOX Friday Happy Hour with Nick Budden– Taipei is home to a growing community of crafters and artists, each honing their skills to create amazing works. Celebrate this awesome community, see what local artisans are making, and if you’re interested, you are welcome to learn from them as well! (Free)

4/26 AI Mixer – Interested in what all your fellow AI people are doing? Come join a fun and relaxing meetup at the AI Mixer! Share your stories and listen to what others have to say on their way to AI Startup! (Free)

4/27 Meet the Crafters – Taipei is home to a growing community of crafters and artists, each honing their skills to create amazing works. Celebrate this awesome community, see what local artisans are making, and if you’re interested, you are welcome to learn from them as well! (Free)

4/27-28 秘銀黑客松 Mithril Mining Hackathon – The first of a new series of mining hackathons from Mithril, NT$500,000 in prizes. Might not be much English. (Free?)

4/29 Anchor Roundtable: Women in Venture Capital – This is a special evening for female investors to connect at Taipei’s coolest hotspot, share info and support each other. At the moment women still make up only less than 10% of the venture capital private equity world. Join us if you are the minority who are passionate about venture investing – both institutional & angel investors welcome. (By invitation, apply at link above)

4/29 Fighting Burnout Culture – Are you always overwhelmed with work deadlines? Are you tired of your job? TEDx Speaker, Writer, and International Trainer Cristine Chen joins this edition of Startup Grind to talk about “How to fight work burnout”. (NT$150 Until 4/26; $200 4/27-29)

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