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Where to Network in June – Meetups, Conferences, and More

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

Each month All Hands will share a post of events from around Taiwan. These events will span networking, professional learning, community gatherings, hiring, seminars, happy hours, and more. This will be a living list and is by no means comprehensive. If you know of a great event that should be included, please send us a message to let us know.

*Unless noted, most of these events are in English, but we have not attended all of these series before. You should look into the event if you have any language concerns.

6/3 – Type A Breakfast – Taipei’s earliest work-focused professional networking event kicks off another week with two hours of concentrated work, followed by a unique weekly 30-minute sharing session. (Free)

6/4 – AppWorks Demo Day #18 – AppWorks’ highly anticipated semi-annual Demo Day is ready to bring you once again to the cutting edge of the region’s rapidly developing AI and Blockchain economies. There will be 28 startups pitching, with 14 focusing on AI/IoT and 14 on Blockchain/Crypto, and including 21 international teams from Hong Kong, Malaysia, India, Vietnam, Australia, Singapore and the US. (Free)

6/4 – FutureWard Forum: How to Take Your Startup Global – This month’s speaker is Edgar Chiu, Co-founder and Managing Partner of SparkLabs Taipei, a VC with an accelerator arm to help local entrepreneurs go international. The mentorship-driven program targets startups in IoT, A.I., Machine Learning, VR/AR, mobile applications, fintech, e-commerce, digital healthcare, cybersecurity, industrial automation, and other verticals. (NT$100)

6/5 – Women in IoT x Sports Tech – Dorothée Bérard, Innovation & Conception Leader at Decathlon, will share recent trends in Sports Tech, including eco-friendly materials applications, IoT sports devices, as well as frugal and low tech products. (NT$300 includes a drink + snacks)

6/6 Bilingual Nation 2030 Town Hall – Dr. Louis Chen 陳春山 of Alliance for a Globally-Oriented Taiwan (AGOT) will present an initial draft of legislative guidelines and policies for the implementation of Taiwan’s “Bilingual Nation 2030” initiative to the AGOT community.  The final version of this draft will be reviewed and championed by our legislative allies in the halls of the Legislative Yuan later this year. (Free But MUST register at link above)

6/6 Dribbble Meetup Hosted by Pebbo + Cake Resume – CakeResume & PEBBO are pumped to host the Taipei Dribbble meetup! Calling all designers, illustrators and like-minded creatives from Taipei together to talk design, eat pizza, and walk away with some great swag! (Free)

6/6 – Co-Work at Wildmii Cafe – Hosted by Taipei Digital Nomads Meetup – Wildmii Safari Showroom and Cafe has open days on Tue/Thur. (NT$150)

6/7 – Anchor Roundtable: Product & Growth – Join this Dragon Boat Festival rice dumpling bash featuring Malcolm Ong, Founder of Skillshare. Expect networking, Roundtable, and Fireside chat/AMA. Space is limited.  (NT$300 includes some refreshements)

6/10 – AI Systems: Data Collection from IoT & Use Cases – A more technical session regarding hardware and software for AI systems this month with Jason Chuang, founder and CEO of AI4quant, an AppWorks alumni from AW#17. He has been in the AI+data for over 12 years. Prior to AI4quant, he worked at eBay and Trend Micro. He holds a Ph.D. from Purdue University, with a thesis on machine learning. (Free)

6/11 – Hacking House Demo Day 1 – The Hacking House is a place where ideas transform  into real IoT solutions in less than 3 months. They bring together brilliant students and passionate talent from around the world to join training programs and innovate on IoT and Sigfox technology. (Free)

Real Talk Image

6/12 – Real Talk: Startup Life – Join All Hands for a discussion about what it’s really like to work in a startup (hint: it’s not all matching t-shirts and happy hours). The panel will be hosted by John and includes speakers from different sized startups, a startup job board, and a consultant who has previously worked with Taiwan-based startup organizations. (NT$300 includes one beer)

6/12 – Founder’s Lunch – A networking lunch for entrepreneurs, investors & professionals hosted at the W Hotel by the consultancy 11 FLEET. (NT$500)

6/12 – Revamp Your Meetings with Design Sprint Vol. 2 – Join this workshop to experience a condensed version of the Design Sprint, the same process that has been used by the likes of Facebook, IBM, and Google. (Hive Members NT$200; Non-Members $250)

6/13 – Annual General Meeting of the Swedish Chamber – Annual meeting, buffet meal nad drinks for the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Taipei. (Members NT$1,300; Non-Members $1,700)

6/13 – Workshop 1: How to Write a Business Plan – With more than two decades of providing businesses with services spanning business strategy, product development, and project management, presenter Greg Hao has a proven track record of bringing projects in on time and under budget. (NT$200)

6/14 – Returning to Taiwan: A Conversation with Dr. Kristy Shih – Build Great Bridges Around Taiwan & Taiwanese-American Professionals invite you to a conversation with Cal State-Long Beach Professor of Sociology Dr. Kristy Shih about her research on the return migration experience to Taiwan for 1.5 and 2nd generation professionals. (Free?)

6/14 – MOX Happy Hour: Driving Growth from Day 1 – For this Happy Hour, MOX are thrilled to welcome Daniel Wong (Tech Ventures) and Ray Wu (MagicBus). (Free with free beer!)

6/18 – Office Hours with Xiri Law at FutureWard – Want to start a business, but don’t know how to register your company? Running into legal issues with your startup and don’t know what to do? Ask the experts at Xiri Attorneys during their open office hours at FutureWard Central (4 time slots available). (FutureWard Members are Free; $300 half day pass for Non-members)

6/19 – Let’s Talk Marketing – A two-part marketing and storytelling-focused evening with a workshop portion. Joel Curry, founder of the Bamboo Collectif, a community for entrepreneurs, innovators, and lifelong learners, will host. (Hive Members NT$200; Non-Members $250)

6/19 – New Thinking: How to Face Technology Disruption – As an individual, organization, and even a whole country, how do we face the disruption of exponential technologies? Two Singularity University alumni – Charles Du and Justin Wu – will share their thoughts on this matter. (Free)

6/20 – Workshop 2: Creating Brand Stories That Go Viral – Host Chema Lopez is the co-founder of Leads to Success, which integrates sales and marketing strategies under the same goal and produces quality lead generation. What You Will Learn: Understanding the propagation mechanism of viral marketing, the six principles to viral marketing success, how to build an effective distribution system for your campaign. (NT$200)

6/20 – All-Chamber Summer Happy Hour – Join members and guests of the many international chambers of commerce for the summer happy hour. (Members NT$1,100; Non-Members $1,100)

6/22 – ManpowerGroup 2019 IT x Startup Showcase – Professional recruiting agency Manpower Group brings together seven exciting technology companies: Akatsuki Taiwan, BlueX Trade, Gogoro, GoSky, iDrip, JustCo and TomTom. This is an excellent platform for talent and job seekers to meet with the CEOs, GMs and HR professionals. See the Manpower website for full job listings. (Free)

6/26 – Early Stage Startups: From Ideas to Fundraising – Angel Investor Greg Hao will hold office hours to answer questions for early stage startups, those that have ideas they  want to run by an investor, and people who need help with fundraising? Only four time slots available. (Free for FutureWard Members; Non-Members NT$300)

6/26 – Drink Entrepreneurs Taipei #2 – All Hands’ own Danny Miller will join Manu Chen from ManuSiQue 魅音藝術 for a 30-minute chat as part of Drink Entrepreneurs’ second event here in Taipei. (Advance tickets NT$450; Door price NT$650 – includes two Taihu beers)

6/27 – Workshop 3: Do’s and Dont’s of Running Your Business – The third and final workshop in FutureWard’s “Running Your Business in Taiwan” series. The speaker is John Fan, CEO/Co-Founder of Pic Collage. (NT$200)

6/27 – Entrepreneur Experiences with Hamoun Karami, Founder of Lidbot – Serial entrepreneur and esteemed IoT developer Hamoun Karami is making smart cities a reality in Taiwan. Join this fireside chat for an exciting Q&A talk on how IoT smart data can speed up the daily operations of a city, cut costs dramatically, and make  cities better, healthier places to live. (Buy tickets at the door: Hive members NT$100, Non-members $200)

6/28 – Leadership, Teamwork, Communication Skills with Indoor Curling – This 2 hour workshop from AmCham will provide you a fun, unique, interesting way to enhance your skills in leadership, adaptability, collaboration (team working and communication), and creativity. (AmCham Members NT$950; Non-members $1,200)

6/29-30 – TRANS Conference 2019 – TRANS 2019, an innovative two-day biomedical entrepreneurship conference that features keynote speeches and panel discussions with entrepreneurs and experts from around the world. This year’s theme is water. (NT$300 and up)

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